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Studying at IPJ Paris Dauphine School of Journalism

Students at the Institut Pratique du Journalisme de Paris-Dauphine undergo high-quality training to equip them for the profession.

In 1978, Pierre Miquel, the founder of the IPJ, imagined it as a school that would continually evolve and be open to advances in journalistic customs and practices. That is why, at the IPJ, we undertake to provide the best training for our students, to prepare them for the realities of professional life, today and in the future, and in all media. Because the programme revolves around practical experience in journalistic work, IPJ training is highly sought-after. Media organisations know that in recruiting from the IPJ, they will find determined, autonomous, and ready-to-function journalists, who are responsible, and used to working with a high degree of professional integrity.
Studying at IPJ Paris Dauphine School of Journalism


Our students are central to the IPJ’s mission:

They are given personalised career advice.
We assist our students in working out their professional goals, all the way through their studies, right up to when they begin working, and even beyond that, if they so wish.

They take part in innovative and motivating projects.
The IPJ and its students are involved in the evolution of new forms of journalism, while continuing to uphold the fundamental elements of the profession: rigour, humility, and proximity. Students train in real-life conditions, thanks to professional-standard equipment and broadcast studios.

They undergo quality training. IPJ courses are conducted by working professionals from a variety of newsrooms, as well as by media specialists, respected research teachers (political science, sociology, economy…), and IPJ graduates who regularly return as guest lecturers. Teachers, graduates and students all form ties that last through their professional lives.

They enjoy an atmosphere of solidarity and conviviality.
Students are not in competition with each other, they work together. That’s why they so appreciate the “IPJ spirit”. We offer a place where they can be heard, where human relations count as much as academic excellence. A place where they’re happy to be – and happy to return, in the centre of Paris, in the heart of the historic Press quarter. Finally, because the Institut Pratique du Journalisme de Paris-Dauphine is part of the new PSL* Research University, they form part of a high-level multi-disciplinary group, comparable to the best international campuses.
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